22 May 2023

5 tips to learn Vietnamese language

5 tips to learn Vietnamese language

Vietnamese is a vibrant language with a fascinating culture behind it. Full of surprises, Vietnamese has its own unique tones and pronunciation. Nonetheless, mastering it can be a challenging task as the tonal language comes with a complex grammar system. In this article, we will provide you with some valuable tips and insights that will help you learn Vietnamese efficiently and effectively. Read on for a better understanding about these practical methods.

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1. Sign up for a beginner’s class

This can be an ideal way to kickstart your Vietnamese language learning journey. A beginner’s class conducted by reputable, experienced language tutors is vital as they can guide you through the learning process. On top of that, you should commit to attending Vietnamese language courses on a regular basis to stay on track, in order to build a strong foundation in the language. Don’t be shy to ask questions and seek assistance from your teacher or classmates when necessary. 

2. Learn basic Vietnamese words and phrases 

One of the most important ways to develop proficiency in the Vietnamese language is by learning its basic words and phrases. When starting out, it is recommended to learn the most essential vocabulary first, such as basic greetings, colours, numbers, food, and directions. Before proceeding to more advanced concepts, make sure to spend enough time on mastering each of them. Here are some of the suggested ways to boost your learning process:

  • Use flashcards as a tool for memorising new vocabulary words and phrases. 
  • Practise pronunciation from the beginning by focusing on tone marks.
  • Use online resources like interactive quizzes, audio recordings and games to enhance the learning process.

Learn basic Vietnamese words and phrases

3. Practice speaking with native speakers 

While learning a new language, always be sure to take advantage of practice opportunities. You may practise speaking Vietnamese with native speakers, possibly through language exchange programmes, to improve your pronunciation. In addition, attending cultural events may also connect you with native Vietnamese speakers, making a good opportunity for you to practise your language skills. Vietnamese festivals, cultural celebrations or food fairs are just some of the events made available, allowing you to facilitate your interaction with native speakers in a fun and relaxed setting.

4. Be aware that making mistakes is fine

Learning a new language is a complex process that requires much time, effort, and patience. Therefore, making mistakes when learning Vietnamese is completely fine as you are still taking the time to master new grammar rules, pronunciation, vocabulary and others. In fact, making mistakes allows you to determine areas where you need to pay more attention to and practise. This leads to faster and more effective language learning.

5. Use a language mobile app 

As most language apps provide customisation features, personalise your learning experience by selecting your areas of interest, skill level and preferred learning style is made possible. Moreover, there are quizzes, games, conversation practice and other interactive activities available on the app, allowing you to learn Vietnamese in a more engaging way.

Learning Vietnamese can be both fun and exciting. Whether you’re learning it  for personal or professional purposes, you can make the most of the learning experience by following the five tips above. We look forward to witnessing the success of your language learning journey.

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