19 Oct 2021

Benefits of Virtual Classes for Language Schools

Benefits of Virtual Classes For Language Schools

Having become more familiar with tele-everything – the broad adoption of “remote” activities such as telework, e-commerce, and virtual schooling – it comes as no surprise to see more students opting for virtual classes, especially when it comes to language learning. In Singapore, learning a new language through skillsfuture language courses is something people look forward to whether it’s for work, vacation or even just for fun. As a result, more people are seeking a more flexible method that fits into their busy schedules while letting them improve their language skills whenever they have some spare time.

If you are interested to enrol in Chinese lessons or learn other languages, Stanford Language Center offers online language courses. Curious to know how you can benefit from virtual classes? Read on to discover some of our virtual classroom features and the benefits of learning virtually!

1. Flexible learning environment

As the new generation of learners faces career demands and is also tech-savvy, we seek to leverage technology to give students the option to attend and learn virtually anywhere, at any time. Our online language courses offer a flexible learning environment for all of our students and we ensure that our virtual classroom features are user-friendly and easily accessible for students of all ages. 

Learning virtually also gives them the advantage of learning at their own pace which can help to relieve a great deal of pressure. Learning online allows students to grasp concepts slowly and ensure they understand before proceeding, which allows them to achieve better grades.

2. Multimedia features

Hands On Virtual Language Course with Another Student

The advancement of technology has made language learning easier than ever before. Our online language courses offer a variety of lesson plans and multimedia tools that will help you improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Teachers are still present to facilitate language learning and understanding in this learning environment, but students will have access to a myriad of tools and resources to enhance their learning.

Here are some key features in our e-learning environment that can facilitate students with absorbing new information:

  • Online Whiteboard: Students can draw, highlight and collaborate with other students in real-time
  • Classroom Interaction: Using virtual hand raises and virtual ticks make classes more engaging
  • File & Media Sharing: Students can exchange information with each other through files and media including images, video, audio, and PDF files
  • Text Chat: Real-time chat feature simplifies writing and spelling exercises


3. Encourages self-directed learning practices

Students also have full control and accountability for their learning with flexible online learning. Rather than having to attend a class as a requirement, they can focus on learning at their own pace. Having control over their learning not only allows them to coordinate their classes around their commitments, but also ensures that they are learning when it’s most convenient for them. For instance, students who are more productive in the evening may be restricted by conventional in-person classes, which only offer classes during the day.

Online Language Courses at Stanford Language Center

Are you keen on becoming bilingual? While some people still prefer taking physical classes, there are many benefits you can gain from taking an online language course. This option is especially helpful for those who prefer a more flexible schedule and learning environment. 

Regardless of the language you are interested in learning, Stanford Language Center offers a variety of language classes – Chinese lessons, Thai, Vietnamese and even Indonesian. Choose from a private 1:1 class for private tutoring or even a group video class with up to 8 students. Furthermore, all classes are kept small to ensure that our experienced and friendly instructors can give each student the fullest attention possible. 

Contact us today to learn more about our online language courses!