19 Nov 2021

5 Advantages To Learning To Speak In Thai

5 Advantages To Learning To Speak In Thai

The Thai language is the prime language of Thailand, a world-famous tourist destination and a much sought after place to retire. Whenever you are travelling to another country, it’s always preferable to address someone in their native language. This way, you will get to completely immerse yourself in their language and culture. Although learning Thai can be challenging, it is well worth the effort especially if you are planning to visit the land of smiles in the near future.

Keen to take up Thai lessons? Read on as we explore the benefits of learning the Thai language!

1. A better understanding of Thai culture

Learning Thai Helps in Experiencing Thai Culture

Thai culture traces its roots back thousands of years. It is the custom of the Thai people in every facet of their daily lives to show respect and politeness through customs, traditions, sayings, and different expressions. When you learn Thai, you will gain a better understanding of the way Thai people talk, the colloquialisms they use, the classification of objects, and the way they address each other. As you learn simple phrases, you will begin to comprehend basic aspects of Thai culture.

2. Opportunity to befriend Thai people

New Opportunities Come with Learning Thai

It is almost certain that any efforts you make to learn some Thai will be rewarded, even if you will only be able to use it to read off a menu while placing an order at the restaurant. By showing that you’re willing to learn a little bit about their language and not just assume they speak yours, you show that you care.

Choosing to take a Thai language course before your trip to Thailand will result in instant smiles, a sincere and honest welcome, and even becoming friends with the local Thais when you attempt to put what you’ve learned into practice during your Thai lessons!

3. Greater employment opportunities

When you are seeking employment opportunities in Thailand, being able to speak Thai will give you an advantage. Foreigners who come to Thailand to work often look for English-speaking jobs in the big cities. While English-speaking jobs can offer many advantages, knowing the local Thai language will undoubtedly give you a competitive advantage over other candidates. 

Although you’ll be speaking English most of the time in your professional life, you’ll be dealing with a lot of local Thai people. The likelihood is that some of your clients, subcontractors, collaborators, managers, or colleagues are Thai, and the ability to communicate with them in the Thai language will be a distinct advantage.

4. Explore less-touristy areas in Thailand

Tourists Exploring Thailand's Floating Market

A strong advantage of knowing Thai is that you can visit the roads less travelled, small towns and unique landscapes in Thailand without having to compete with a horde of international tourists. By learning the Thai language, you will be able to get directions and read street signs, which will open up a whole other side to Thailand for you that is hidden from most other tourists.

5. Learn how to bargain

In Thailand, as well as throughout the world, many language learners have reported that speaking the local language makes money matters more manageable. You’ll save thousands of baht just by learning to haggle in Thai language when you buy from street vendors, visit souvenir shops, or rent a car for road trips. This is definitely not always the case, and it is important to remember that whoever you are dealing with still needs to earn a living. But generally, knowing a basic understanding of Thai could make your vacations just a little more affordable!

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No matter whether you are visiting the land of smiles for leisure or business purposes, learning Thai is always a good idea. If you are keen on picking up Thai lessons, it’s high time you enrol yourself in our Thai language course at Stanford Language Center.

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