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1. Prerequisites & Admissions Criteria

Trainee is to meet all enrolment prerequisites stipulated above.

2. Enrolment & Confirmation

Enrolment and confirmation has to be completed at least 10 working days before the course commencement. Confirmation of enrolment for any courses is subject to full payment of course fee and fully furnished enrolment form.

3. Refund Policy

Once a course has been confirmed and the fees paid for, the following policy will apply:

% of Full Fees If trainee’s written notice of withdrawal is received:
[90%] more than [10] working days before the Course Commencement Date
[50%] before, but not more than [10] working days before the Course Commencement Date
[0%] after the Course Commencement Date

Note: The above policy does not apply to courses with 2 days duration or less.

In the event that the registered trainee is unable to attend, a replacement can be appointed for the entire course.
However, this is not allowed once the course has commenced.

4. Registration Fee

The registration fee of $30.00 (inclusive of GST) is non-refundable.

5. WSG subsidy (Company-sponsored trainees)

For company-sponsored trainees, the respective company is responsible for applying SSG subsidies via Skillsconnect.

In the event the subsidy application is unsuccessful, the sponsoring company will be liable for the full course fee.

6. SSG subsidy (Self-sponsored trainees)

For self-sponsored trainees, FMA will apply for their SSG subsidies via Skillsconnect.
In the event that the subsidy application is unsuccessful due to trainee’s ineligibility for the subsidy, the trainee will be liable for the full course fee.

7. SSG Graduation Requirements

Upon completion of the course, trainees will be awarded the WSQ e-cert provided they have met the following requirements:
• 75% attendance rate.
• Pass the Assessment.

8. Course Fee Liability

Trainees who do not meet the minimum attendance and assessment criteria will be required to pay full course fees at non-subsidised rate.

In the event of company-sponsored trainees who do not meet the graduation criteria, their sponsoring companies will be liable for payment of full course fee.

9. Certificate Collection

Upon graduation from WSG course, trainees can download their Electronic certificate (e-cert) from SkillsConnect. SSG will notify trainee via sms/email when their e-cert is ready for download.

10. Assessment Appeal Process

Appeal to review the assessment outcome must be done on a fully furnished Assessment Appeal Form submitted to FMA, within 5 working days after the release of result. An appeal fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) is payable. Appeal outcomes will be communicated within 5 working days of submission.

11. Disclaimer Clause

FMA reserves the right to cancel or change the class schedule and trainer, and to change the course fee without prior notice.

12. Personal Data Protection Statement

• Personal data, photographic images, videos, etc., which we collect from you may be used for trainee matters such as sending information and updates on courses, training administration, post-course surveys and for marketing and promotion activities. Should you wish to opt out, please write to us at
• FMA reserves the rights to use any student projects, images and other forms of media taken during the programme, including photographs, digital images, video and voice recordings for marketing and promotional purposes.

13. Course Deferment Period

The maximum duration allowed for course deferment is 6 months from the first scheduled course commencement date. Trainees seeking deferment of more than 6 months are deemed to have withdrawn from the course and are liable to pay the full non-subsidised course fee.
Trainees seeking deferment are to submit course deferment form to FMA, 5 working days prior to course commencement. Trainees seeking deferment shall pay a deferment fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) per rescheduling of course commencement. Any application for deferment after course commencement will be subject to approval.

14. Reassessment

Trainees seeking reassessment shall pay reassessment fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) per reassessment. Reassessment date is subject to the assessor availability. Reassessment shall be no more than 1 month from original assessment date.

15. Rescheduling of Assessment

Trainees, subjected to approval, may request rescheduling of assessment. They must inform the trainer 10 working days before the first scheduled assessment date. Assessment rescheduling fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) is payable.

16. Withdrawal Policy

Trainees seeking course withdrawal are to submit course withdrawal form to FMA. Company-sponsored trainees seeking withdrawal are to seek acknowledgement and approval by authorised company representatives. Trainees seeking withdrawal are liable to pay full non-subsidised course fee

17. Damage to School Property

Upon return of equipment (e.g. loaned computers, computer accessories, cameras, etc.) to First Media Academy, the school will in its sole discretion identify if the equipment is returned incomplete, damaged and/or not in good working order (Defective Equipment). If the school identifies that an item of returned equipment is Defective Equipment, the trainee will pay to the school as determined in the school’s sole discretion the cost of repairing, servicing and/or learning the Defective Equipment or the cost of replacing the Equipment.

18. Clarification or disagreement

FMA takes training and learning experience of our students very seriously. For any clarification or disagreement pertaining to matters of the programmes, please leave a feedback at
FMA takes a strong stand against any defamatory comments or submission of unsubstantiated claims against the academy. Should any such cases arise, the academy will not hesitate to take legal action against any individuals who make unfounded claims or misleading statements.


I declare all the information given by me in this application is true and correct. I understand that misrepresentation or omission is sufficient grounds for rejection of my application or withdrawal of any place which may be offered and that this withdrawal may take place at any stage during the course I undertake. I also authorise any investigation of the above information for the purpose of verification. I understand and accept the terms and conditions stipulated by FMDS.