Mandarin Lessons Made Affordable With Skillsfuture Language Courses


Skillsfuture Singapore is a national movement that aims to hone Singaporean’s knowledge and skills in a specific field of learning they wished to have a mastery of no matter what stages of life they are currently in. Among the many courses one can take in Skillsfuture is the language courses, these include Chinese or Mandarin courses for all ages.


What is Skillsfuture?

Learning must know no boundaries as most philosophers and scholars claimed. Your current career should not stop you from aiming for proficiency in the subject that really matters for you. In the same way, if you feel like your academic subjects do not cover what you eagerly wish to learn, you must have access to supplementary learning. This is the philosophy behind Skillsfuture Singapore. For instance, you may take Skillsfuture in Chinese Language to learn Mandarin no matter your age.


Skillsfuture Singapore believes that developing the full potential of every Singaporean is not limited to the learning track he chose in school up to his career, nor shall this potential be hindered by age. For instance, should you realize later in life that you wish to master foreign languages, you can take Skillsfuture language courses.


Here at Stanford Language Centre, we are offering a Skillsfuture Mandarin course for people who are interested in learning the Chinese language. With this course, it will not matter if you are a student, a working professional, or a retiree, as long as you wanted to learn Mandarin effectively, you can apply for Skillsfuture in the Chinese language course.


The Four Key Thrust of Skillsfuture

SkillsFuture, a vital initiative, emphasises the development of essential skills in Singapore’s dynamic landscape. Among its four key thrusts, SkillsFuture Language Courses stand out, offering individuals diverse language learning opportunities. These courses, catering to all ages and backgrounds, enable learners to enhance communication skills, embrace cultural diversity, and excel in the global arena. Embrace the transformative power of SkillsFuture Language Courses and unlock your linguistic potential today.


  • Well-informed Educational Decisions

    Singapore has long been known for its emphasis on education. Our curriculum has been recognized globally due to its proven process and outstanding output. Another movement to further reinforce this educational stability is the Skillsfuture Singapore. It helps learners to have a well-guided decision in the courses they will take and the subject areas they wish to master.


  • Integrated High-Quality System

    Skillsfuture is our answer to the demand for globally competitive learners. With the integrated and high-quality learning system for all ages, one can effectively learn in the field he is interested in with focused learning and effective teaching methodologies.


  • Career Development

    While Skillsfuture is open to every learner, it gives emphasis on career development for working professionals. For instance, our Skillsfuture Mandarin course is designed for professionals who are interested in learning the Chinese language to further the skill set necessary for their careers.


  • Culture of Life-long Learning

    Education is a lifelong process, Singapore believes in this philosophy. We constantly strive to cultivate a culture of interest in learning that made us globally competitive and ready to take on new heights in whatever field we are pursuing.


Who Should Take Skillsfuture?

Skillsfuture emphasises the importance of reaching the full potential of every learner despite his current career, age, and life status. This is a national movement that believes that learning is a never-ending process and must be accessible to all ages. Therefore, whether you are a secondary school student who is very interested in taking supplementary learning or a working professional who wants to add a useful skill to your CV, Skillsfuture is here for you!


Skillsfuture Language Courses

Among the most popular fields of study, learners take in Singapore is language. We are very much interested in earning proficiency in foreign languages for various reasons. While some find it as an interesting hobby, others are taking Skillsfuture language courses as supplementary learning for their schooling or their careers.


We at Stanford Learning Centre offer Skillsfuture Chinese language courses to cater to learners of various ages who are aiming to learn Mandarin in an efficient and integrated learning system. These courses will help you excel in your Chinese language subjects at school as well as leave a lasting impression on employers as an additional skill to write on your CV. Our doors are also open for those who wish to improve their proficiency in the Chinese language as interest and a learning goal they wish to pursue.