18 Oct 2021

Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

Today, one of the most useful real-world skills you can acquire is becoming multilingual and picking up foreign languages. The modern world has become increasingly interconnected, exposing us to more cultures and giving us easier access to literature, science, and arts around the globe thanks to the rapid growth of social media.

Whether you wish to travel the world to experience other cultures or simply enjoy hosting tourists in your country, being conversant in most of the most widely spoken languages in the world can make your everyday life easier in terms of finding food, lodging, and transportation. 

Whether you have been meaning to learn the Thai language or attend mandarin classes, read on as we share what you can gain from picking up foreign languages!

1. Improves memory function

A Student Engaged in A Language Course

Taking a skillsfuture language course improves people’s thinking skills and memory. Research has shown that bilingual students are better able to concentrate and ignore distractions than their monolingual peers. As the language centers in the brain are so flexible, studying a second language can develop new parts of your mind as well as strengthen your brain’s natural ability to concentrate.

2. Boosts empathy

Learning A New Language Boost Empathy

In 2015, a team of researchers from the University of Chicago found that multilingualism increases empathy. This study suggests that multilingual children are better at understanding others’ points of view than monolingual children, even when they use words that are inaccurate. Learning another language forces us to slow down and will likely make us interested in communicating in a more deliberate, thoughtful manner – seeking to understand each other and to find common ground.  

For instance, our healthcare professionals in Singapore have benefited from language training courses to ensure that they do not get lost in translation when talking to non-English speaking patients here. A few have even enrolled themselves in basic conversational Mandarin classes to improve communication with patients and their families and to better understand patients’ concerns and needs.

3. Provides career advantages

Learning A New Language Provides Career Advantages

It comes as no surprise that learning a new language can enhance your career prospects. More and more organizations are doing business with countries across the globe, and this will not be possible without having employees who are fluent in at least one foreign language. Whether you are applying for a large company or a small local firm, the ability to speak a second language will give you an edge over other applicants. 

However, this isn’t just about making your resume stand out. With globalisation sweeping the globe, there’s a great likelihood that you will work with people who don’t speak English as their first language. In Thailand, the official Thai language is widely spoken throughout the country, so if you want to get a job there, learning Thai would be beneficial. Whatever foreign language you decide to learn, being bilingual makes you more appealing to employers.

4. Encourages open-mindedness

Foreigner Having Fun With The Locals

Being able to learn a foreign language and be exposed to a new culture and worldview is a surefire way to develop an open-minded, understanding, and tolerant mindset, and that is absolutely priceless. After you recognise that you are a cultural being, a product of your environment and that your own attitudes and behaviour are influenced by that environment, you are able to view others more sympathetically. Seeing the world from a different perspective is a rewarding and life-changing experience.

Pick Up A Foreign Language With Stanford Language Center

It is without a doubt that studying a foreign language helps break down barriers and fosters deeper understanding between people. Furthermore, reaching such a mutual level of understanding will naturally open up a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Are you ready to kickstart your multilingual journey? Get started by enrolling yourself in our skillsfuture language courses at Stanford Language Center. Our language school offers affordable and high-quality Asian language classes, making them accessible to anyone who wishes to pick up a new language. 

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