19 Oct 2021

Tips On Mastering A New Language

Learning A New Language on A Tablet

The idea of learning something new like picking up a new language can be intimidating for most especially when the foreign words and pronunciations don’t roll off your tongue easily. Although it is possible to practice the language by reading dictionaries and listening to audio files, sometimes switching your learning style can make your learning experience more enjoyable and enhance your abilities to absorb new information.

Whether you’re taking up mandarin lessons or learning how to converse in Thai, here are some ways you can switch up your learning style:

1. Learn the core words first

It is impossible to memorise every word in a language. For those who are just getting started, we suggest establishing a series of core words, which encompass most of what you say every day. You will be able to learn to hold a conversation more easily if you place an emphasis on learning the core words first. As you become more fluent in the language you are learning through conversation, you will become more motivated to continue learning the language. When you see visible progress like that, it can spur you on to progress even further, especially if you value instant gratification.

2. Watch foreign-language media

Learn Mandarin in Watching Foreign Media

The conventional way of learning a new language is through language textbooks as they offer a myriad of basic words, phrases and proper grammar. But the thing about using language textbooks is that they only teach a formal version of the language. When you solely rely on these textbooks to facilitate your language learning, you will sound strange to a native speaker because you speak like a textbook. To avoid this, try exposing yourself to your studied language beyond textbooks and immerse yourself in foreign-language media. So, if you are learning the Thai language, try and watch more Thai movies or listen to their local podcasts.

Regardless of whether or not you fully comprehend what they say, paying attention to the tone and pitch will provide some insight into the language. If it helps, switching on the subtitles can help you familiarise yourself with the words more easily.

3. Exchange conversations with native speakers

Interact with Native Speakers to Learn a New Language in Skillsfuture Courses

By regularly interacting with native speakers, you will improve your speaking ability and obtain more knowledge of the language than you can get from a textbook. Learning a language through conversation is the single most effective way to improve it. If you are not sure where to find native speakers, you can start by signing yourself up for Skillsfuture Language Courses. Surrounding yourself with people who speak your studied language will not only help you but it will also make your learning experience more enjoyable.

4. Read children’s books

Books for children can play an important role in language learning. The content is short and easy to understand, plus the vocabulary and sentence structure makes it suitable for beginner speakers. On top of that, the lively and vibrant illustrations and pictures in the books make language learning fun as well. Besides, reading more difficult materials like the newspaper can discourage you as you may need to constantly look up words, which can get quite tiresome.

5. Take up a course in a language center

Mandarin Lessons in a Language Centre

Finally, signing up for a language course at a reputable language center is a sure-fire way to successfully master a new language. Whether you are interested in taking mandarin lessons or other language courses, enrolling in a reputable language school like Stanford Language Center will guide you on how to effectively listen, read, speak and even write in your desired language!

Mastering A New Language With Stanford Language Center

Picking up a new language is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating things you can do when you don’t have the right learning tools and environment. For those who have always wanted to learn a new language, it’s time to enrol yourself in Stanford Language Center. We are a language school in Singapore that offers a broad selection of language courses, including Mandarin, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, and Japanese. Our tutors are friendly, experienced native speakers so you can look forward to learning the most accurate form of the language from them.

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