18 Jul 2023

5 Advantages of Learning a New Language When Travelling

5 Advantages of Learning a New Language When Travelling

The old adage, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, is not just a call to observe local customs; speaking the language of the locals of each country you visit goes a long way in endearing yourself to them and making the experience significantly more enjoyable and meaningful. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be fluent, but locals generally appreciate any effort you put in to honour their culture. If you’re a keen traveller, find out why learning the language of your destination country with the help of lessons like online Chinese class or Thai lessons online can be extremely useful in elevating your travel experience.

Meeting New People from Diverse Backgrounds

Meeting New People From Diverse Backgrounds-Thai Lessons Online

It can be said that languages are the bridges that connect societies around the world, and it only makes sense that the more languages you know, the better you’ll be able to connect with different parts of the world. The best way to meet different locals from all walks of life is to speak their language. This immediately expands the range of locals you’re more likely to interact with and eventually befriend. Additionally, language classes like Thai lessons online can also be a great way to meet new people from around the world with the same goals. It’s one of the many perks that come with going to a language class.

Discovering More Local Landmarks

Discovering More Local Landmarks

Winging it and letting circumstances map out your trip is fun and all, but knowing the local language does help point you in the right direction. By being able to read signs and maps in the local language, you’ll be able to pinpoint specific local landmarks that you’re looking for. This removes the annoying guesswork and allows you to discover more local landmarks that you’d have missed had you not possessed some kind of knowledge about the local language.

Gaining More Personal Experience with Native Cultures

Gaining More Personal Experience With Native Cultures-Online Chinese Classes

There’s nothing quite like experiencing native culture in a more intimate and profound manner, which can be achieved when you’re more familiar with the local language. The possibilities are endless too — you can be more involved in local festivals, interact more with locals, and better understand and appreciate the local way of life. In short, it allows you to scratch the surface and get to know the country for what it really is, beneath tourist traps and fabricated glitz and glamour to extract tourist bucks. Lessons like online Chinese classes or Thai lessons online from Stanford Language Center is a great place to take your baby steps into a brave new world.

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Travelling Becomes Easier

With the advancement of technology today, travelling can be simple enough if one knows how to work various apps and gadgets, but sometimes, you don’t have the time to whip out the dictionary to identify words, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Sometimes, it’s also easier for you to drive when you can read local signages instead of only relying on GPS to get around. Having a basic grasp of the local language enables you to ask locals for travel information and general help; after all, most locals know the surrounding areas more than we ever will.

Cultural Faux Pas Can be Avoided

Locals tend to give foreigners a pass when it comes to cultural faux pas as the latter understandably isn’t aware or well versed with local culture. Imagine their surprise when you understand and observe basic cultural etiquette. Locals may not say it out loud, but they’re often appreciative of the effort a foreigner puts in not just to learn the local language, but to observe customs and traditions as well. Here at Stanford Language Center, the classes we offer, including Thai lessons online and online Chinese classes don’t just teach you the language, but the respective cultural customs and so on.

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